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Cedar Lake

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Grand kids love fishing, too.
Don Fischer, 2/1/2017
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Click on the maps to enlarge. Bathymetric Map Courtesy of and Copyright Sportsman’s Connection, based on Wisconsin DNR data. Watershed map courtesy of Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department. New! Zoom in even closer with this new interactive watershed mapping tool.  

Location/Directions: Louis Corners Road, Town of Schleswig. Take Highway 151 West from Manitowoc to CTH A, South on CTH A approximately 6.5 miles to CTH XX. Travel west on CTH XX 1.5 miles to Louis Corners Road. Turn South on Louis Corners Road and follow approximately 1 mile. Boat Landing Located to the North.

Accessibility: 43°55’31.5″N / 87°56’19.3″W

Surface Area: 141 acres

Shorelength: 3.6 mi

Depth: Max 21′, Mean 9′

Bottom: 10% sand, 45% gravel, 0% rock, 45% muck

Type of Lake: Shallow Seepage. Shallow Seepage lakes do not stratify, or form separate layers of water, during the summer months and have no inlet or outlet.

Restrictions: An ordinance to regulate water traffic, boating, and water sports upon the waters of the Town of Schleswig. Littering, Motorboat Prohibition, Noise Levels, Rafts, piers, Ski jumps, Slow-No-Wake Areas/Hours Posted, Swimming Regulations, Water Skiing Restrictions. Ordinance details | Read the Wisconsin handbook

Recreational Features:  Access road and launching area are blacktopped. A one acre parking lot was developed on land provided by the Kiel Fish and Game Association across Rockville Road, southwest of the access. This access also offers a picnic area near the parking lot, a port-a-pier for easier access to the lake and a toilet building. There is a steep slope to the water’s edge.

Manitowoc County Map and Photos:

Notes: This is the largest inland lake in Manitowoc County.

Lake Associations:
Cedar Lake Improvement Association: Mike Keppler, President  920-894-3163  email
Town of Schleswig Sanitary District 1: Website

Aquatic Invasive Species Threats:

Verified: Banded Mystery Snail (2008), Curly-Leaf Pondweed (1993), Eurasian Water-Milfoil (1993), Zebra Mussel (2001).
Observed: Chinese Mystery Snail (2011), Rusty Crayfish (2010), Yellow Iris (2014).

Lake residents and sportsmen report that no curly leaf pondweed has ever been reported on Cedar Lake since the 1993 sighting.

Fishing Regulations:

  • Fish present: Northern pike, bass, crappie, bluegill, sunfish, yellow perch.
  • Management: Northern pike, bass, panfish.
  • View complete Cedar Lake regulations at DNR
  • Open All Year
    • Panfish: Daily bag limit 25. No min length.
    • Catfish: Daily bag limit 10. No min length.
  • Open 5/6/2017-3/4/2018:
    • Largemouth/smallmouth bass: 14″ Limit 5.
    • Northern Pike: 26″ Limit 2.
    • Walleye: 15″ Limit 5.
  • Motor Trolling is allowed with up to 3 hooks, baits, or lures, per angler.
  • Familiarize yourself with Wisconsin fishing:
    WDNR Hook & Line Guide
  • Consumption Advisory: General Manitowoc County/Mercury. Click here.
  • Wake Hours: 11-6 Mon-Sat; Sun 11-2; Counter-clockwise boating required.
  • Weed Cutting Requests?  Contact Roger Laack 894-7074

Fish Stocking:

(Source: Sportsman’s Connection):
2,000 5-6″ perch mid-March 2013
2,000 6″ walleyes in December 2013

DNR Fishing Survey Report: Most recent report 2010


DNR Species Summary (2011):
Number of fish caught for the following length categories (inches):
species 0-5 6-8 9-11 12-14 15-19 20-24 25-29 >29 Total
Black Crappie  1 6 1 8
Bluegill 242 40 282
Green Sunfish 2 2
Largemouth Bass 8 17 64 73 32  1 195
Northern Pike  7 7  12 29 7 56
Pumpkin Sunfish  49  43 92
Rock Bass  3  11 2 16
Yellow Perch 1 3 4

Survey Date: 04-06-2011/Gear: Electrofishing

Cedar Lake is one of the best waters around for largemouths. They can be taken with plastic worms in the shoreline weeds and around docks. You will also find some “keeper” walleyes, along with nice bluegills and occasional large perch. Fish the islands for the perch and ‘gills.

—Kiel Bait & Gun, 1148 6th St., Kiel, WI 53042, (920) 894-3836. 

Condition: EXCELLENT

  • 5-Year Average Trophic State: 43/Mesotrophic (Source: Wisconsin DNR)
  • Secchi Disk (2016): Average summer reading = 9.65 ft. SE Georegion average = 6.8 ft. Summer (July/Aug) water was reported as CLEAR and GREENGreen normally suggests a lake impacted by algae. However, since recent summer chlorophyll readings average less than 9 ug/l, this lake may have been impacted by another factor, such as suspended marl.
  • Chemistry (2016): The average summer Chlorophyll was 3.6 µg/l (compared to a Southeast Georegion summer average of 23.5 µg/l). The summer total Phosphorus average was 14.7 µg/l. Lakes that have more than 20 µg/l and impoundments that have more than 30 µg/l of total phosphorus may experience noticeable algae blooms.
  • Trophic State Index (TSI) (2016): 44/Mesotrophic. What does this mean?
    Mesotrophic lakes contain moderate amounts of nutrients, and contain healthy, diverse populations of aquatic plants, algae, and fish. Occasional algae blooms may occur. If the lake is deep enough to stratify, the hypolimnion often becomes low in oxygen by the end of summer, and may result in some phosphorus release from the sediments. Mesotrophic lakes are characterized by moderately clear water, but have a increasing chance of low dissolved oxygen in deep water during the summer. 

View this graph on the DNR website

Condition is based on Wisconsin DNR data from volunteer readings taken on 10 different days in April-August in 2016.

Click on the maps to enlarge. Bathymetric Map Courtesy of and Copyright Sportsman’s Connection, based on Wisconsin DNR data. Watershed map courtesy of Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department. New! Zoom in even closer with this new interactive watershed mapping tool.  

 Other documents of interest:

Updated: April 25, 2017 — 10:38 pm

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