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Tuma Lake, April 2015
by Ken & Karen Schuler, TrawlersMidwest.com

Click on the maps to enlarge. Bathymetric Map based on Wisconsin DNR data. Watershed map courtesy of Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department. New! Zoom in even closer with this new interactive watershed mapping tool.  

MCLA Lake Director: Dan Dufek

Directions: Harpt Lake Road, Town of Gibson. Take Interstate 43 North from Manitowoc to STH 147, East on STH 147 approximately 3 miles to Harpt Lake Road. North on Harpt Lake Road 1 mile to Tuma Lake Road. West on Tuma Lake road .25 miles to landing.

About Tuma Lake

Lake Health


  • Features: The public access has parking space for 4 car/trailer units. There is a boat ramp. A new pier and reconstruction of the boat launch was completed in 2018. No lighting, no restrooms, no potable water.
  • Boat Ramp: Gravel ramp, 9% slope, 3 ft launch depth, boarding dock.
  • Launch Fee: The daily fee is $5 and the seasonal fee is $20.
  • ADA Accessibility Features: None. The transition to the portable dock is not ADA accessible.
  • Restrictions: Motor boats are permitted. Entire lake is slow no wake. Wisconsin boaters handbook
  • Manitowoc County Map and Photos:


  • Lat/Long: 44.28486540, -87.73353380
  • Surface Area: 14 acres
  • Shorelength: .6 mi
  • Depth: Max 36′, Mean 11′
  • Bottom: 0% sand, 0% gravel, 0% rock, 99% muck
  • Type of Lake: Seepage

Aquatic Invasive Species Threats


  • Fish present: Bluegill and perch common. Largemouth bass and northern pike present.


  • View Tuma Lake fishing regulations on DNR website
  • Open All Year
    • Panfish: Daily bag limit 25. No min length.
    • Catfish: Daily bag limit 10. No min length.
  • Open 5/1/2021-3/6/2022:
    • Largemouth/smallmouth bass: 14″ Limit 5.
    • Northern Pike: No length limit. Limit 5.
    • Walleye: 15″ Limit 5.
  • Motor Trolling is allowed with up to 3 hooks, baits, or lures, per angler.
  • Familiarize yourself with Wisconsin fishing:
    WDNR Hook & Line Guide
  • Consumption Advisory: General Manitowoc County/Mercury. Click here.

Stocking and DNR Surveys

DNR Species Summary – May 2015 Electroshocking
Number Average length
Largemouth Bass 4 10.8″
Green Sunfish 2 4.5″
Bluegill 57 4.6″
Black Crappie 4 5.6″
Yellow Perch 34 4.5″
Black Bullhead 98 6.9″

DNR Conclusions from 2015 Survey

  • In addition to the species netted, several small Northern Pike were observed and many small Yellow Perch passed through our nets.
  • Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike survival appears to be low despite restocking efforts after 2008-2009 winter kill. Concern is poor water quality, predation or illegal harvest. Recommended to continue stocking for two additional years.
  • Bluegill are surviving after stocking based on age distribution, but growth is slow.
  • Yellow Perch are doing well although only small fish were observed.
  • Black Bullhead were commonly caught. It is likely that these fish either survived the kill or were progeny from survivors.
  • Recommend Tuma Lake be resurveyed in the next five years to assess the status of the fish populations of the lake.
DNR Fish Stocking Data
Stocking After 2008-2009 Winter Kill
Number Average length Year
Northern Pike 605 3 2010
Largemouth Bass 350 3
Bluegill 2098 2
Yellow Perch 4083 4
Northern Pike 1539 4 2011
Largemouth Bass 699 3
Northern Pike 995 3 2012
Largemouth Bass 700 3
Bluegill 1200 2
Northern Pike 1000 3 2013
Largemouth Bass 345 2
Bluegill 1395 1
Largemouth Bass 340 3 2014
Bluegill 1400 1
view more history



Would you like to volunteer to collect data for this lake?
Please contact MCLA.

Condition: GOOD (2020) Source

  • 5-Year Average Trophic State: 46/Mesotrophic
  • Secchi Disk:  Average summer reading 9 ft. (SE Georegion average 6.5 ft.)
    Typically, the summer water was reported as clear and BLUE.

graph of water clarity readings under 10 since 2014

  • Chemistry:
    Average summer Chlorophyll 4.5 µg/l (SE Georegion average 21.7 µg/l)
    Average summer Total Phosphorous 19.4 µg/l.
    Lakes that have more than 20 µg/l total phosphorus may experience noticeable algae blooms.
  • Trophic State Index (TSI): 46/Mesotrophic. What does this mean?
    Mesotrophic lakes contain moderate amounts of nutrients, and contain healthy, diverse populations of aquatic plants, algae, and fish. Occasional algae blooms may occur. If the lake is deep enough to stratify, the hypolimnion often becomes low in oxygen by the end of summer, and may result in some phosphorus release from the sediments. Mesotrophic lakes are characterized by moderately clear water, but have an increasing chance of low dissolved oxygen in deep water during the summer. 

View TSI data graph on the DNR website


Click on the maps to enlarge. Bathymetric Map based on Wisconsin DNR data. Watershed map courtesy of Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department. New! Zoom in even closer with this new interactive watershed mapping tool.  
Updated: January 11, 2022 — 3:52 pm

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