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    Shoreland Zoning Presentation Available for Download

    The September 2018 MCLA meeting featured guest speakers Pete Tarnowski, Senior Planner Manitowoc County Planning & Zoning Department and Reed Gaedtke, Code Administrator.

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    Ice Fishing in Manitowoc County by Todd S. Bergmann 

    Reprinted with permission. Originally published in the Valders Journal on February 1, 2018.

    Recent innovations and technology make it easier to catch more fish, an expert fisherman told area sportsmen last week.  Tournament fisherman Clint Ward addressed a meeting of the Manitowoc County Lakes Association on Jan. 25, discussing everything from his favorite ice fishing equipment to how he beat his cousin using the latest technical advances.

    Ward said the best lakes in the county for catching: bluegills are Carstens, Weyers, West and Bullhead; for crappie it’s Long, Shoe and English; for perch it’s English; and for northerns it’s Wilke, Hartlaub, Schisel, and Cedar.  Additionally, Cedar, SilverEnglish and Pigeon lakes contain small populations of walleyes, he said.

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    Who Knows Your Lake?

    by Hanna Edelglass

    Have you ever wondered how sloshing around, ankle deep in water, on top of a sheet of ice, helps you to get to know your lake? We were drilling holes into the ice, angling for plants and small organisms, finding where the fish are and why they are there and each answer only brings more questions. Such as, why are these plants here? And what is their effect on the water, on fishing, on boating and swimming, property values, even the local economy? We explore and work to find out how all this relates to what flows into this lake, which can create positive or negative change, upsetting or healing its natural balance. This is the purpose of our scientific endeavor. I learnt some of that on the ice with Manitowoc County's Cedar Lake residents and Paul Skawinski (an Aquatic Biologist and Outreach Specialist for UW-Extension) in February of this year. And yes, I wore warm, waterproof boots.

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    AIS Monitoring Kits to Be Distributed May 30

    Paul Skawinski, the AIS Citizen Monitoring Coordinator for the state will be coming to Cedar Lake on May 30, 2017, to talk about his program.  At that time, he will also be distributing AIS monitoring kits to any lake that is interested in having one.  He will only give one kit per lake due to the expense of each kit. If your lake would like additional kits, they would be available for $30 each.  If you or someone from your lake will be attending, please let Dick Jens know by email or 920-286-2601.  We have to have a count on the number of lakes attending (and if you want additional kits) so he knows how many kits to bring along.  Time and place we will meet depends on how many people are coming and will be announced by May 19th.  As each lake in the county is getting pressured by more invasive species, this will be a very important meeting to attend.  Hope to see you there.

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    “Life Beneath the Ice”

    With 'Betty' looking at the photographer Scott Otterson: Dick Grossenbach, Hanna Edelglass, Paul Skawinski, Dick Jens and Phil Knauf.

    An Event Report By MCLA Member Hanna Edelglass

    March 7, 2017—On Friday, the 17th of February, Paul Skawinski, Coordinator of the Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Network, UW Extension Lakes Program University of Wisconsin; Stevens Point, hosted an all day Citizen Lake Monitoring Network meeting with volunteers, sponsored in conjunction with Sanitary District #1, Cedar Lake. The field event involved sampling aquatic invasive as well as native species, at Cedar Lake.  This was an opportunity to predict, through holes drilled in well over a dozen places, what we can expect to do to keep our lakes healthy year round.

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