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Cedar Lake News

Lake Director: Josh Knuth 

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    Ice on Data for Cedar Lake

    From Scott Otterson, Cedar Lake

    The lake has frozen over and the "Ice On" data will be submitted to the DNR to expand our lake's database. Below is a chart showing my historical records of when Cedar Lake froze over. The chart shows the variability of the lake freezes.

    I also calculated the duration of the ice on the lake. I used my records of when Cedar Lake froze and the following spring when the lake's ice broke up. You will see on the chart from the trendline that the ice duration seems to be shortening. The trendline shows that the duration of ice on the lake has reduced 7 days over the last 20 years.

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    New Kiosks

    a wooden kiosk with a steel roof with a lake and pier in the backgroundThe county recently erected new lakeside kiosks at English, Carsten's, Horseshoe and Cedar Lakes.

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    June 2020 Lake Reports

    Despite the cancellation of our spring and summer 2020 membership meetings, MCLA continues to monitor lake conditions in the county through the reports of lake directors.

    In June, reports were submitted for Cedar, Bullhead, Hartlaub, Silver and Pigeon Lakes.

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    Lake Volunteers Needed

    MCLA, with volunteers, continues to conduct annual water quality testing of our county lakes—if there is a volunteer monitor on the lake.

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Updated: January 4, 2020 — 11:56 am

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