DNR Conservation Warden Kuhn to speak on Feb 21

February 21, 2019
Manitowoc County Office Building
4319 Expo Dr, Rm 300, at 6:30pm. 

Our guest speaker will be Darren Kuhn, DNR Conservation Warden. He will be addressing legal issues, explain the boating ordinance process and getting State approval to boating ordinances. He will take questions regarding creating local boating ordinances, specifically to deal with mirrors on ski boats, and PFD use. Read more

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Cleaner County Waters Could Be Worth $30,840,000

Poor water clarity is costing Manitowoc County property owners money. An assessment commissioned by Manitowoc County Lakes Association, conducted by Drs. Wolf and Kemp of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and supported by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, has demonstrated that lake water clarity directly impacts the property value of residences on that water body. The report concludes:

“… that a 1 meter increase in water clarity will result in a 10.5% increase in home values for properties located within 250 meters of a lake.”

Conversely, the more water clarity is degraded, the more property values are reduced. A hypothetical one meter increase in water clarity would add $30,840,000 to property values of residences associated with the Manitowoc County lakes.

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Ted Rulseh to Speak at Dec. 6 MCLA Meeting

Next MCLA Meeting Date: Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018

Manitowoc County Office Complex, Room 300
4319 Expo Drive, Manitowoc
Meetings are at 6:30pm — Public and guests welcome and encouraged to attend!

Our guest speaker will be Ted Rulseh, a former resident of Manitowoc County and author, editor and publisher of several books on the Great Lakes region, he is the author of On the Pond: Lake Michigan Reflections. He recently released a book called Lakeside Companion which presents the science of lakes in an enjoyable way, with real world examples. He explains how little things that shore residents do on their property can have a large impact on the lake’s ecology. Ted J. Rulseh writes the newspaper column “The Lake Where You Live” and is active in lake-advocacy organizations, including the Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Network. He lives in the lake-rich region of northeastern Wisconsin.

Following the program Gene Weyer will review the lake monitoring data for each lake in the MCLA monitoring program. We now have enough data to start to identify long term water quality trends in our lakes.

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Annual Awards Banquet Held Oct 12

by Hanna Edelglass

The Manitowoc County Lakes Association hosted its 20th annual Banquet this October 12th at Gill’s in Whitelaw.

Our Guest Speaker was Jim Knickelbine on “Birds of Our Waters” — view his presentation here.

Before an appreciative attendance, President Tom Ward welcomed attendees. He thanked Chuck Kiehn of Long Lake for arranging the banquet, and the Long Lake Association for sponsoring the dinner.  Tom expressed our appreciation of all who helped with the Fair Booth in August: Marcia Salm and her granddaughters, as well as Hanna Edelglass, Dave Pozorski, Jerry Corfman, Beth Kohlman, Chuck Kiehn, Scott Haberman and Al Klingheisen.

Six Lake Stewardship Awards were presented, reflecting achievements of the MCLA and its members.


4 people smiling and holding commemorative plaques

MCLA Awards recipients for 2018, left to right, are:
Eugene Weyer, June and Frank Scharenbroch, and Tom Ward.

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Birds of Our Waters Presentation


Our Guest Speaker for the October 12th MCLA banquet was Jim Knickelbine; Naturalist, Writer, and Director of Woodland Dunes Nature Center.

Jim is an experienced birder with years of experience observing and writing about the natural world. At the banquet, Jim shared his knowledge about our migratory feathered friends that inhabit and visit our county lakes and wetlands.

Read a summary of this presentation by Hanna Edelglass

Download a PowerPoint Show of the Birds of our Waters Presentation (9MB)


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New book by Ted Rulseh of interest to all lake lovers!

Looking for a gift for the lake lover in your life?

Would you like to better understand the delicate balance of your lake’s ecosystem?

Check out Ted Rulseh’s new book “A Lakeside Companion.”

To listen to a 4-minute interview on WXPR with Ted on the motivation for his book: Click here

Order a copy of this book from the University of Wisconsin Press.

Of interest to all of us! Ted is from Manitowoc and now lives in Northern Wisconsin where he writes a column on outdoor activities for local newspapers. His wife writes the recipe articles in the Herald times. For anyone who loves a lake, this guide will help you know it more intimately. Whether you fish, paddle, swim, snowshoe, ski, or just gaze upon your favorite lake, “A Lakeside Companion” will deepen your appreciation for the forces that shape lakes and the teeming life in and around them. The book is designed to help lake property owners better understand the science and life on their lake. Read more

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October Walleye Stocking

1500 extended growth 7″-9″ walleye were stocked into Harpt Lake on 10/04/2018. Thank you to our hatchery R.J. Hilger and Sons for their donation of 25lbs of fathead minnows.

The minnows were stocked as feed for all species of fish. Thank you also to the volunteers that helped to re-home our walleye!

Dan Dufek

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