AIS training Aug 12 – Last chance!

If your lake no longer has a volunteer trained to monitor for Aquatic Invasive species, this is your last opportunity of the year to become a qualified monitor. Monitors go out monthly to survey the lake for any new entries of invasive species. Early detection allows for a response to control the invasive before it […]

Deadline for comments on Lake Michigan fisheries plan is May 20

April 18, 2017. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has completed the final draft of its long-term fisheries management plan for Wisconsin’s Lake Michigan waters and invites citizens to provide final input. Lake Michigan has seen drastic ecological changes in recent years and the new plan will guide fisheries management through the next 10 years.

Skamania to be Reintroduced to Lake Michigan

Skamania Steelhead Illustration

April 4, 2017. In a boost to diversify Lake Michigan fishing opportunities, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will reintroduce Skamania steelhead into the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan over the next three to five years. Dave Giehtbrock, DNR fisheries propagation section chief, said the Skamania strain is particularly prized because it may reach 32 inches […]

Who Knows Your Lake?

by Hanna Edelglass

Have you ever wondered how sloshing around, ankle deep in water, on top of a sheet of ice, helps you to get to know your lake? We were drilling holes into the ice, angling for plants and small organisms, finding where the fish are and why they are there and each answer only brings more questions. Such as, why are these plants here? And what is their effect on the water, on fishing, on boating and swimming, property values, even the local economy? We explore and work to find out how all this relates to what flows into this lake, which can create positive or negative change, upsetting or healing its natural balance. This is the purpose of our scientific endeavor. I learnt some of that on the ice with Manitowoc County’s Cedar Lake residents and Paul Skawinski (an Aquatic Biologist and Outreach Specialist for UW-Extension) in February of this year. And yes, I wore warm, waterproof boots.

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