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John S. Durbrow Jerry Corfman Bill Braam
John Durbrow
Vice President:
Jerry Corfman
Bill Braam
Past President: Gene Weyer
Bill Pohlmann, Dir, Hartlaub Lake
Jaret Paltzer, Dir, Silver Lake
Phil Knauf, Dir, Cedar Lake
Robert Christian, Dir, Horseshoe Lake
Brian Robley, Dir, Carstens Lake
Jerry Gospodarek, Dir, Pigeon Lake
Tom Payne, Dir, Wilke Lake
Chuck Kiehn, Dir, Long Lake


Meet the Current Board of Directors 

John Durbrow, MCLA President. John represents Lake Michigan, a different kind of lake, and the property owners along the Lake Michigan Shoreline in Manitowoc County called “Lake Michigan Advocates.” John retired from his career as an Architect, having traveled all over the world representing a unique company. He built on his property in Newton, on Lake Michigan, in 1999. He is an AIS monitor and has been leading an effort to obtain a grant to control Phragmites on Lake Michigan shoreline and tributaries in Manitowoc County; he is also very interested in addressing water quality and watershed issues. John can be contacted using the contact form. John replaces past President Gene Weyer.

Jerry Corfman. The past MCLA Treasurer is now Vice President. Jerry has served as Treasurer for a number of years managing many of our project grants. Jerry lives on Wilke Lake where he served once served as president of their association conducted volunteer boat inspections and is an AIS monitor.

Bill Braam from Spring Lake, an AIS and water quality monitor, has taken over the role of Secretary for MCLA. Bill retired to Spring Lake with his wife a few years ago and currently does consulting part time. Bill enjoys kayaking his small lake and has been actively attending MCLA meetings the past two years.

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