Meeting Cancellations: MCLA’s Response to COVID-19

a small lake with a dock and houses in the background

photo by Eric Muhr, via unsplash



MCLA is canceling the bi-monthly April 23rd meeting.  Our next scheduled meeting is June 25th, and hopefully by then it will be safe to meet again.  Update: The June 25th meeting has also been canceled, along with the August meeting and October Banquet. We want everyone to know that MCLA is still here to assist with lake concerns, including invasive species. You can reach us at

In the meantime, take some time to read and enjoy the information and many important articles about the health of our lakes that can be viewed on the website. We’ve had many guest speakers in the past… 2019 guest speakers are here

Enjoy the beauties of spring, a time when nature springs to life and new hope does too! The peepers will soon be in chorus and most birds have arrived and in full song. Maybe after this experience we will appreciate what whitetail deer go through a in a bad winter.

Farmers have to be optimistic come spring as they are heavily invested in putting their money and seeds in the ground, hoping for the best.

Feel blessed to live on or near the water and enjoy the healing hands of nature.  A great cure for cabin fever.

Tom Ward

Updated: November 30, 2023 — 12:06 pm

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