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Bullhead Lake News

Annual Banquet Held on Oct. 13th, 2023

MCLA Annual Banquet held on Friday Oct. 13, 2023

The annual banquet of the Manitowoc County Lakes Association took place on Friday, October the 13th, hosted by Dan Dufek and the Larrabee Sportsman’s Club, who provided a delicious broasted chicken dinner and great company. MCLA members stepped up to provide an abundance of door prizes.

The Annual Lake Stewardship awards were presented at the meeting.

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EWM removed at boat cleaning
removing EWM as part of Clean Boats Clean Waters efforts.
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Click on the maps to enlarge. Bathymetric Map Courtesy of and Copyright Sportsman’s Connection, based on Wisconsin DNR data. Watershed map courtesy of Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department. Zoom in even closer with this new interactive watershed mapping tool.  

MCLA Lake Director: Ron Gerrits

Lake Association website: bullheadlake.com

Directions: County Highway JJ, Town of Rockland. Take County Highway JJ West from Manitowoc, through the un-incorporated area of Collins. Continue West on County Highway JJ approximately 3 miles. Driveway on the East side of the road.

About Bullhead Lake

Lake Health


  • Features: Parking for 30 car/trailer units. Boat ramp, port-a-pier and toilet building. Picnic table and grill. No lighting.
  • Boat Ramp: Concrete ramp, 4% slope, 3 ft launch depth, boarding dock.
  • Launch Fee: The daily fee is $5 and the seasonal fee is $20.
  • ADA Accessibility Features: Yes. The boarding dock, and route of travel to it, is ADA accessible. 
  • Restrictions: 5 mph max, no wake, motorboats and water skiing restrictions posted.
    Wisconsin boating handbook
  • Manitowoc County Map and Photos:
  • Notes: One of the best fish populations in Manitowoc County. The positive effect of shoreland zoning is evident as one travels by boat.


  • Surface Area: 70 acres
  • Depth: Max 40′, Mean 13′
  • Bottom: 10% sand, 50% gravel, 0% rock, 40% muck
  • Shorelength: 1.3 mi
  • Lake type: Deep seepage (no inlet or outlet), stratified.
  • Lat/Long: 44° 6′ 9.46″ N / 88° 2’25.31″ W

Aquatic Invasive Species Threats:


  • Fish present: Stocked with yearling yellow perch in 2022. Northern pike, largemouth bass, and panfish common. Walleye rare.


  • Open All Year:
    • Panfish: 15/5 Seasonal. This limit is in effect through 2026.
      May 1–June 30: Daily bag limit is 15; only 5 of any one species.
      July 1–April 30: Daily bag limit is 25.
      No minimum length limit.
      Panfish fact sheet
    • Catfish: Bag limit 10. No min length.
  • Open May 6, 2023 – March 3, 2024:
    • Largemouth/smallmouth bass: 14″ Limit 5.
    • Northern Pike: 26″ Limit 2.
    • Walleye: 15″ Limit 5.
  • Motor Trolling is allowed with up to 3 hooks, baits, or lures, per angler.
  • View Bullhead Lake fishing regulations on DNR website and familiarize yourself with Wisconsin fishing with the WDNR Hook & Line Guide
  • Consumption Advisory: General Manitowoc County/Mercury. Click here.  

Stocking and DNR Surveys

DNR Species Summary (2017)
April Fyke Netting April 25 Electroshocking May 24 Electroshocking
species Number Length range (in.) Ave. length (in.) Number Length range (in.) Ave. length (in.) Number Length range (in.) Ave. length (in.)
Walleye 2 20.6-23.5 22.1 0 0
Largemouth Bass 100 3.3-20.7 11.5 100 5.6-16.7 13 130 5.6-17.5 12.1
Northern Pike 94 16.1-31.1 22.2 4 18.2-25.6 22.3 4 21.6-26.7 23.4
Bluegill 888 3.3-9.6 6.4 47 2.6-8.3 6
Yellow Perch 58 4.7-10.6 6.6 2 4.4-4.7 4.6
Black Crappie 86 4.5-11.4 7.9 4 7.8-9.7 8.4 5 3-9 6.1
Brown Bullhead 194 7.6-14.7 11.6 2 11-13.3 12.2
Common Carp 1
Total 1422 108 191

 DNR Conclusions from 2017 Survey:

  • Largemouth Bass were the most abundant gamefish captured; growth below statewide averages.
  • Northern Pike were commonly captured; population appears to be increasing.
  • Walleye were infrequently captured despite ongoing stocking efforts.
  • Bluegill were the most common fish and panfish captured. Growth is at or above statewide averages, could indicate that angler harvest is cropping off large fish.
  • Recommend conducting a full comprehensive fish survey every ten years, with a Bass/Panfish survey in between.
  • Recommend working with DNR staff, Manitowoc County Soil and Water, MCLA, the Bullhead Lake Association and local residents to monitor water quality and make changes in the watershed to improve water quality.
  • Recommend encouraging the Bullhead Lake Association and shoreline owners to improve nearshore fish habitat by incorporating woody debris in their landscape.


DNR Fish Stocking Data
Year Species Strain Age Class Number Stocked Average Length (inches)
View more history at DNR Fisheries Management


Condition: POOR (2023) Source 


New! Explore lake data with the DNR’s WEx Water Explorer Tool

(takes a minute to load)

  • 2019 Update on Condition of Bullhead Lake by Ron Gerrits
  • 2023 Trophic State Index (TSI): 58/Eutrophic. Based on Chlorophyll.
    What does this mean?
    This number suggests decreased clarity, fewer algal species, oxygen-depleted bottom waters during summer, plant overgrowth, warm-water fisheries (pike, perch, bass, etc.) only.
  • 2023 Secchi Disk: Average summer reading 4.1 ft. Summer water was reported as GREEN with algae present. 
  • 5-Year Average Chemistry:
    Summer Chlorophyll 21.4 µg/l.
    Summer Total Phosphorus 40.5 µg/l.
    TSI: 67 Based on Chlorophyll readings. 
  • Late summer trophic status compared to other deep seepage lakes.
    Averages (red) from the last 10 years compared to other lakes (gray).

Click on the maps to enlarge. Bathymetric Map Courtesy of and Copyright Sportsman’s Connection, based on Wisconsin DNR data. Watershed map courtesy of Manitowoc County Soil and Water Conservation Department. New! Zoom in even closer with this new interactive watershed mapping tool.  


Updated: December 15, 2023 — 10:57 am

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