Shoreland Zoning Bill Update

From the Jan 22, 2016 Newsletter of Devin LeMahieu, Wisconsin State Senator, District 9

Senate Bill 477: Shoreland Zoning
I worked with the Counties association to draft this bill in order to clarify provisions of Wisconsin shoreland zoning program. This bill focuses on 4 provisions with the zoning program:

  • It gives counties the opportunity to require greater setbacks when there is an existing development pattern along a shoreline because of prior setback requirements. In addition, it codifies current law that if principal structures exist on adjacent lots within 250 feet of a proposed principal structure in both directions along a shoreline the setback may be the average of the setbacks on each adjacent lot. That setback may be no less than 35 feet.
  • Clarifies that certain structures listed as exempt structures in NR 115 are still exempt structures
  • Allows a county to be able to limit dry boathouse repair and replacement within the original three dimensional envelop as opposed to the footprint
  • Clarifies and provides counties with other options to calculate impervious surfaces. DNR shoreland zoning standards must prohibit a roadway or sidewalk from being considered an impervious service.

In the end, SB 477 will add flexibility and clarity to shoreland zoning ordinances. A public hearing was held on this bill and now needs to be voted on by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy.

Senator LeMahieu’s Office: 323 South, State Capitol | Phone: (608) 266-2056  | P.O. Box 7882, Madison, WI 53707-7882

Updated: January 29, 2016 — 3:09 am

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