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Pigeon Lake beats the invasive odds

Treatment for Eurasian milfoil holds for five years, restoring popular lake to health

By Todd S. Bergmann, Valders Journal

Jan 22, 2022

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Treatment aimed to kill invasive Eurasian milfoil in Pigeon Lake had an unusual result–it worked.

Gus Gospodarek, president of the Pigeon Lake Association, said a recent consultant’s report shows improvement in the rural Valders lake because of treatment for the invasive aquatic plant a few years ago. “We are weed free so far,” he said.

The report produced by Onterra Lake Management Planning noted treatment took place in 2017. “We are thrilled about it,” Gospodarek said. “That will be five years without the finding of Eurasian milfoil.”

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Updated: January 11, 2022 — 3:12 pm