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Hartlaub Lake News

Lake Director: Gene Weyer

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    End-of-year Phosphorous Impairment Data Available

    a bar graph of all county lakes showing eight exceeding recommended phosphorus levels

    Data Report Courtesy of Gene Weyer


    A graph created by Gene Weyer shows the updated Phosphorus Levels to include lake samples for 2020.  Most Manitowoc County lakes completed the normal 3 summertime samples.

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    June 2020 Lake Reports

    Despite the cancellation of our spring and summer 2020 membership meetings, MCLA continues to monitor lake conditions in the county through the reports of lake directors.

    In June, reports were submitted for Cedar, Bullhead, Hartlaub, Silver and Pigeon Lakes.

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    Lake Volunteers Needed

    MCLA, with volunteers, continues to conduct annual water quality testing of our county lakes—if there is a volunteer monitor on the lake.

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Updated: September 24, 2018 — 7:03 pm