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    Valders Journal covers MCLA Guest Speaker Darren Kuhn

    Darren Kuhn has collected many stories in his career as a recreation safety warden, along with a strong desire for people to stay safe while having fun. Kuhn, who works for the state Department of Natural Resources, recently spoke to the Manitowoc County Lakes Association during a meeting in Manitowoc.

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    Valders Journal article brings attention to phosphorous in area lakes

    Phosphorous levels are slowly increasing in Manitowoc County lakes.

    Gene Weyer, water quality testing director and former president of the Manitowoc County Lakes Association, displayed graphs of phosphorous levels on 16 area lakes to those gathered at the association’s Feb. 21 meeting.

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    Temporary Panfish Rule Still Applies

    In effect for the 2018-2019 Fishing Season.

    Temporary panfish rule that went into effect April 1, 2016 still applies. Five Manitowoc County lakes are affected.

    • Bullhead Lake: During May and June, 15 panfish may be kept, but no more than 5 of any one species. During the remainder of the season, 25 panfish may be kept.
    • English Lake: 15 panfish may be kept, but no more than 5 of any one species (all year).
    • Harpt Lake: 25 panfish may be kept, but no more than 10 of any one species(all year).
    • Long Lake: 15 panfish may be kept, but no more than 5 of any one species (all year).
    • Pigeon Lake: 25 panfish may be kept, but no more than 10 of any one species (all year).

    These regulations appear in the Manitowoc County section of the local rules in the 2018-2019 fishing regulation book.

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    originally published Jan 29, 2016

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    Ice Fishing in Manitowoc County by Todd S. Bergmann 

    Reprinted with permission. Originally published in the Valders Journal on February 1, 2018.

    Recent innovations and technology make it easier to catch more fish, an expert fisherman told area sportsmen last week.  Tournament fisherman Clint Ward addressed a meeting of the Manitowoc County Lakes Association on Jan. 25, discussing everything from his favorite ice fishing equipment to how he beat his cousin using the latest technical advances.

    Ward said the best lakes in the county for catching: bluegills are Carstens, Weyers, West and Bullhead; for crappie it’s Long, Shoe and English; for perch it’s English; and for northerns it’s Wilke, Hartlaub, Schisel, and Cedar.  Additionally, Cedar, SilverEnglish and Pigeon lakes contain small populations of walleyes, he said.

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    Special Panfish Regulations on Five Area Lakes

    March 26, 2016 – Five Lakes in Manitowoc County have been selected by the DNR for special regulations on panfish to be effective beginning April 1, 2016. Those lakes are Bullhead, Long, Pigeon, English and Harpt Lake.  A total of 94 lakes across the state were identified by biologists and anglers as underperforming - that is the mean length of bluegill and crappie is less than desirable but growth potential is good. The goal is to determine the best regulation that will increase the average size of bluegill and crappie on the selected lakes. Ultimately, a single regulation will be chosen and used to address similar lakes not meeting Panfish management goals. The effectiveness of each regulation will be evaluated in 2021.

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