Wilke and Shoe Lake Fish Surveys Released


Dec 18, 2018. Steven Hogler, Senior Fisheries Biologist, Wisconsin DNR, has shared a Comprehensive Fishing Survey for Wilke Lake, as well as an electroshock survey report for Shoe Lake. In these reports, he summarizes changes in fish numbers and proposes steps to be taken to correct the overall downward trends.

Wilke Lake

Based on survey results from 2018 and previous surveys, Wilke Lake continues to be bass-panfish lake that features Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and stocked Walleye as predators and a diverse panfish community consisting of Bluegill, Black Crappie, Pumpkinseed Sunfish and Hybrid Sunfish. Problems with gamefish abundance, slow growth of bluegill and an abundant plant community identified in the 1950’s as problems, continue to make fish management on this lake difficult.

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Shoe Lake

When compared to the previous two one-night surveys conducted in the spring of 2007 and the fall of 1995, the trend shows a decline in the total number of fish captured although this trend is species specific. Largemouth Bass numbers are down substantially dropping from 138 fish captured in 1995 to 42 in 2007 to 5 captured in 2018. Age analysis shows many missing year classes indicating many years of poor recruitment. Bluegill numbers also show this decreasing trend with only very young fish captured in 2018. Conversely, Black Crappie and Yellow Perch have increased in number during this period.

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