Report Road-Crossing Reptiles

A DNR news release on August  10, 2020 introduced a new roadkill reporting system aimed to help our populations of reptiles and amphibians.

Wisconsin residents and visitors are being asked to report road crossings where these reptiles and amphibians are found dead or alive to help better understand where their populations occur and to save more of them in the future. The new reporting form is now available from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Reptiles and Amphibians webpage.

“Our goal is to fill in gaps of where these animals are found in Wisconsin and how they’re doing in the state so we can better protect them. We also want to identify high road mortality areas where we can work to incorporate mitigation efforts to diminish the threats to them.”

—Rich Staffen, DNR Natural Heritage Conservation Program zoologist.

a dark olive snake with yellow stripe in some grass

The Butler’s Garter Snake is listed as being of ‘Special Concern’

  • Wisconsin snake populations have declined due to habitat loss and human persecution; 13 of Wisconsin’s 21 snake species are listed as endangered, threatened or special concern.
  • 3 of Wisconsin’s 4 lizard species are in trouble, including the legless and endangered slender glass lizard.
  • Wisconsin is home to 12 species of frogs. Many populations have declined throughout the state due to habitat destruction and fragmentation.
  • Wisconsin has 7 species of salamanders, one considered “special concern” because of uncertain population numbers.

Read the Aug 10, 2020 DNR news release in its entirety here

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Updated: December 28, 2020 — 8:10 am

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