New Harpt Lake Boat Cleaning Station

Dan Dufek and fellow sportsmen have placed a boat cleaning station at the public boat landing on the north side of the lake. The station provides an area to clean the weeds and algae off boats and trailers. It offers cleaning brushes, weed removal tools, and a bleach solution to kill any invasive species.

Harpt Lake Boat Cleaning Station. Photo by Dan Dufek

Harpt Lake Boat Cleaning Station.

The response has been so positive that on August 31, 2014, Fox 11 News visited Harpt Lake to discuss aquatic invasive species and the boat cleaning station. The video and story can be found on the Fox 11 website

Updated: April 21, 2015 — 8:53 pm


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  1. Very nice station and sign. Question Any trouble with the cleaning tools “walking away”
    Very nice web site and like the ability to put in comments.

    Saw pictures of tree habitat, nice way of dropping trees so don’t have to cable them to shore.

    From McKenzie Lakes Assoc

    1. Thank you, Mike! Your comments will be shared at the MCLA meeting this week and will get you an answer to your question.

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