DNR Conservation Warden Kuhn to speak on Feb 21

February 21, 2019
Manitowoc County Office Building
4319 Expo Dr, Rm 300, at 6:30pm. 

Our guest speaker will be Darren Kuhn, DNR Conservation Warden. He will be addressing legal issues, explain the boating ordinance process and getting State approval to boating ordinances. He will take questions regarding creating local boating ordinances, specifically to deal with mirrors on ski boats, and PFD use.

He currently assigned to the Recreation Warden Team, which is responsible for the training of the municipal boat, snowmobile and ATV patrols and plays an active role in training field wardens. Warden Kuhn has worked in enforcement for 21 years, a majority of that time was spent working out of the Green Bay office.  He is also the point of contact for all things recreational vehicles in 7 counties in NE WI.  In his spare time he patrols in high recreational vehicle use areas and responds to serious injury accidents. Please come prepared to get any questions regarding DNR laws answered.

In the second half of our program Gene Weyer, past MCLA President and leader of MCLA’s lake water quality testing program for the past decade, will  present the water test results from this past summer as well as lake trends over the years. Gene will do a review of water quality trends for each of the sixteen lakes in our testing program. We now have enough data to start to identify long – term water quality trends in our lakes.

You will also get a chance to meet and recognize some of our individual lake monitors.

The MCLA business meeting will follow.

The Public and Guests are Invited.

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