MCLA receives 2018 Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Award

From left to right, Dick Jens Cedar lake, Cathie Erickson WLA President, Dave Pozorski MCLA Vice President, John Brotz Cedar lake, Tom ward MCLA President, Phil Knauf and Scott Otterson Cedar Lake.

The Manitowoc County Lakes Association (MCLA) was one of seven individuals and groups awarded a Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Award for 2018 at the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention in Stevens Point. The awards are given annually by the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership in celebration of the extraordinary volunteer and professional efforts made to protect and improve lakes in Wisconsin.

MCLA’s award came in recognition of their efforts to, in the words of their mission, “protect and enhance the quality of area lakes and watersheds for the benefit of all.” Over two decades, MCLA has provided a voice for all the water resources large and small in the county, and provided an important conduit between property owners and lakes users. “MCLA deserved this award,” said Wisconsin Lakes Executive Director Michael Engleson, “because of their amazing work on shoreline restoration projects, fighting to prevent the spread of invasive species, and perhaps most importantly, working to educate the residents of Manitowoc County about the importance of sound lake stewardship.”

The Wisconsin Lake Stewardship Awards are presented each year in celebration of the extraordinary volunteer and professional efforts made to protect and improve lakes in Wisconsin, and represent the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership’s best collective effort to honor and celebrate all the incredible work that goes into ensuring the future of our state’s lakes and waters. “This year’s winners, like all the past years’ winners, are an inspiration to us all,” said Engleson. “Our lakes are that much better because of the hard work put in by the winners and nominees of this award.” The Wisconsin Lakes Partnership has brought science, education and citizens together to empower people to work together to care for our lakes since the early 1970’s.

A delegation of conference attendees presented with award was Tom Ward MCLA President, Dave Pozorski Vice President and Phil Knauf, Dick Jens, John Brotz and Scott Otterson from Cedar Lake. Tom Ward commented that The County Lakes Association celebrated its 20th anniversary this past year, and the successes would not have been possible without the outstanding Leadership of many past officers and support of the MCLA membership.

Updated: December 28, 2020 — 8:12 am

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