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Skamania to be Reintroduced to Lake Michigan

Skamania Steelhead Illustration

April 4, 2017. In a boost to diversify Lake Michigan fishing opportunities, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will reintroduce Skamania steelhead into the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan over the next three to five years. Dave Giehtbrock, DNR fisheries propagation section chief, said the Skamania strain is particularly prized because it may reach 32 inches […]

Expanded Lake Michigan lake trout harvest takes effect April 15

lake trout

Expanded lake trout harvest opportunities will take effect Saturday, April 15 in the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan thanks to an emergency rule approved by the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board, increasing the daily bag limit from two to five lake trout. Other provisions include: counting the five fish daily lake trout limit as part of the overall five trout and salmon combined daily bag limit; maintaining closure of refuges, which are supporting some natural reproduction; and offering a continuous open season in 2017.

Emergency Lake Michigan Trout Rules in Effect

March 1, 2017—The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board today approved an emergency rule regarding bag limits and season length on lake trout for Lake Michigan. The rule increases lake trout daily bag limits to five 10″ fish on Lake Michigan waters with open season from March 1–Oct 31. The previous limit was two fish. This does not change the […]

Invasive Species are Altering the Fisheries of Lake Michigan

January 2016 – The forecasts for anglers targeting Lake Michigan trout and salmon is dismal. The changing condition of the fishery was reflected last year in the lowest catch of trout and salmon in decades despite a 4% increase in angler effort. DNR 2015 creel survey showed anglers caught 269,978 trout and salmon, a drop […]

Thin Ice Warnings [2016]

January 5, 2016–Residents on Silver Lake are reporting patches of hazardous thin ice due to the abnormally high activity of deep springs in the lake bed. Greater care than normal should be exercised when accessing the lake ice this year.

Nothing So Constant As Change

  An article by Ron Schaper explaining the dynamic Great Lakes environment and suggesting some of the causes responsible for the changes. “Nothing So Constant as Change” (PDF with low resolution images, 1MB) “Nothing So Constant as Change” (PDF with full resolution images, 7MB)

Experts Predict Significantly Higher Lake Levels This Year

Source: article from February 10, 2015 Read the full article Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are expected to continue to rise into this coming summer. The current forecast has the lake levels significantly higher this summer as compared to last summer. The most likely forecasted water level for Lake Michigan-Huron for this coming July is 14 […]