2018 Meetings and Speaker Series


Dec 6, 2018View meeting minutes from 12-06-2018

Guest Speaker: Ted Rulseh, author

Our guest speaker was Ted Rulseh, a former resident of Manitowoc County and author, editor and publisher of several books on the Great Lakes region, he is the author of On the Pond: Lake Michigan Reflections. He recently released a book called Lakeside Companion which presents the science of lakes in an enjoyable way, with real world examples. He explains how little things that shore residents do on their property can have a large impact on the lake’s ecology. Ted J. Rulseh writes the newspaper column “The Lake Where You Live” and is active in lake-advocacy organizations, including the Wisconsin Citizen Lake Monitoring Network. He lives in the lake-rich region of northeastern Wisconsin.



Friday, Oct 12, 2018

Annual MCLA Banquet

Guest Speaker: Jim Knickelbine; Naturalist, Writer, and Director of Woodland Dunes Nature Center.

Jim is an experienced birder with years of experience observing and writing about the natural world. Jim shared his knowledge about our migratory feathered friends that inhabit and visit our County Lakes and wetlands, leaving us with a deeper appreciation and awareness of our favorite lakes. Lake Stewardship Awards were presented following the program. Tickets were $15.00 per person and reservations were due by October 5th to Chuck Kiehn. The banquet was held at The Gill’s in Whitelaw on Hwy 10





Sept 20, 2018View meeting minutes from 9-20-2018

Presentation: Manitowoc County Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
Pete Tarnowski, Senior Planner Manitowoc County Planning & Zoning Department
Reed Gaedtke, Code Administrator

Our guests delivered a presentation on 2016 changes to the Manitowoc County Shoreland Zoning Ordinance with specific requirements on impervious surfaces, non-conforming structures, and mitigation and discussed some planned upgrades to the county lake accesses. If you live within 1000 ft. of a lake or 300 ft. from a stream you are subject to Shoreland Zoning and County or Town zoning. This presentation will help you better understand the conditions that apply to your property.  Shoreland Zoning is also intended to protect water bodies’ water quality and shoreline from development. The public should know if these legislative changes are protecting your public waters.

Location change: Meat’s in St. Nazianz on County Hwy A. The meeting location was moved from the Manitowoc County Office Complex to encourage more lake residents and members of the public to attend. MCLA business meeting followed.




July 19, 2018View meeting minutes from 07-19-18
Presentation: Have We Made Progress Protecting the Environment as Agriculture Grows?
Scott Gunderson, Manitowoc County UW Extension Agriculture Agent
Jerry Halverson, Manitowoc County Soil & Water Conservation Dept. Director

61% of Manitowoc County land base is used to produce agriculture products. Manitowoc County has many beautiful lakes used for recreation and for fish and wildlife habitat. What is being done to improve and protect our natural resources, including lakes, and what can be done in the future as agriculture continues to grow and prosper in the county? The MCLA regular business meeting followed the presentation.

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better, it’s not!”

~~~ Dr. Seuss~~~


Steve Hogler gives a talk on fishing


May 17, 2018 | View meeting minutes from 05-17-18

Guest Speaker: Steve Hogler, DNR Fish Manager

Steve presented the results of Fish surveys conducted last year on Bullhead and Long Lake. Steve discussed surveys planned for this year and answered questions regarding fish management in on County Lakes.


March 22, 2018View meeting minutes from 03-22-18

Special event: Meet the Candidates



ERIC SITKIEWITZ, a Manitowoc alderman, challenges Manitowoc County Executive BOB ZIEGELBAUER for the county executive seat in the spring 2018 election.

The Manitowoc County Executive arguably has the highest ability to affect the conditions and quality of the area’s waters. On March 22, candidates for the Manitowoc County Executive position will conduct a listening session, answer questions, and state their respective qualifications for that position. Each will focus on proposals that would support the Manitowoc County Lakes Association mission, to protect and enhance the quality of area lakes and watersheds. This is a great opportunity to meet and to take your measure of the projected policies of these two individuals. Public invited and encouraged to attend. No registration.

Regular MCLA business followed.







Jan 25, 2018View meeting minutes 01-25-18.pdf

Guest Speaker: Clint Ward, Ice Fishing Enthusiast

Ice Fishing Manitowoc County Lakes was featured at the Manitowoc County Lakes Association’s January 25th meeting.

Clint Ward discussed the latest trend in technology and ice fishing methods that has occurred in recent years. A life long resident of Manitowoc County and avid fisherman, Clint reviewed ice fishing opportunities on area lakes.


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